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Al-Fateh International Hospital

Al-Fateh International Hospital, which has been in operation for twenty years, where it received great successes, praise and distinction in all plastic surgeries, including hair transplantation, where the creations of Al-Fateh Hospital were published in international newspapers and magazines, including “Science, National, Discover, Nature”
As these accumulated innovations and experiences (Dar Al-Fatih, the owner of continuous giving)
She urged his students for scientific research in the field of picking bulbs, their germination and methods of caring for them, to return to this house to write their scientific research.

Yes, it is the generous Al-Fateh Hospital: experience, elaborate work, supervision, all according to solid scientific foundations.

Customer follow up

Preventing premature baldness in women

We at Al-Fateh International Hospital also take care of hair, as we have specialized teams for hair care by injecting plasma and vitamins, and we have often succeeded in treating early baldness before the condition worsens and without resorting to transplantation.

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