Anesthesia technique

Hair transplantation without pain,,,, Goodbye to injections and pain in hair transplantation thanks to the painless anesthesia technique. The anesthesia stage in hair transplantation represents the initial stage to start the hair transplantation process. The injections were used in the traditional methods of hair transplantation, and this causes anxiety and fear for many who wish to transplant the beard or hair. The number of injections used in the anesthesia process sometimes reaches 40 injections in some people, and this number is considered very large, which causes unpleasant pain to the patient. The percentage of pain during the hair transplant process varies according to the body’s structure, and a high percentage of severe pain suffers during the process due to the patient’s psychology and phobia towards needles. The technique of painless hair transplantation has entered Turkey in this field, and it has become one of the basic techniques used in hair transplantation. This technique helps reduce pain to a large degree. How does the anesthesia technique work without pain in hair transplantation? This technique works by means of a device designed precisely in order to give patients psychological comfort and reduce pain to a very weak percentage. This technique consists of three sections: The head of the device: it has very small needles that cannot be seen unless it is looked at carefully.

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