Causes of beard hair loss

Beard and mustache transplantation is not suitable for all cases. 1 In cases of hormonal imbalance, for example (which may result from a disorder in the thyroid gland or other glands), in which the balance of the female hormones (estrogen) and masculinity (testosterone) in a man is disturbed. 2 It shows several symptoms such as thinning of the voice, facial hair loss and other symptoms. In this case, treatment begins first by adjusting the hormonal balance. If the symptoms do not begin to disappear after that, and the beard does not return to growth as a result of the death of the hair follicles in the beard completely, then it is possible to resort to beard hair transplant. 3 In the event that there are other non-hereditary physical causes such as anemia, diseases resulting from smoking, weak capillaries and other diseases that affect the growth of follicles, whether in the head or in the beard, it is preferable to treat these causes first. 4 In cases of burns, accidents and other symptoms that do not include physical causes, it is possible to resort to direct hair transplantation of the beard and mustache.

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