Cold laser hair treatment

Eyebrow transplant to replace lost hair

In the treatment session, the patient wears an innovative and advanced helmet, equipped with high technologies, as it works to distribute weak or low waves of the laser on the entire scalp to cover all areas of the hair, and thus the rays penetrate the scalp without causing any burns in it, giving the cells all the vitamins and hyaluronic acid necessary to stimulate the growth of Hair, blood flow and prevent hair aging as well, and this type of treatment raises and activates the scalp temperatures through the light points on it.

It is a method that does not cause any discomfort or pain, and doctors confirm that the results of this type of carbon laser treatment are wonderful and achieve satisfactory results.
We at Al-Fateh Hospital do not focus only on hair transplantation. After conducting the tests, the doctor determines whether the patient needs transplantation or treatment. Many other places focus on transplantation only in order to earn more profit. We focus on the human side of this profession.

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