DHI . technology

What is the DHI hair transplant technique?

DHI technology or so-called direct hair transplantation is one of the latest hair transplant techniques, this newly developed technology is currently used effectively in many clinics.

DHI is a technique in which hair is transplanted directly, and the most important difference regarding this procedure is the use of a special device called a Choi pen.
Due to the way the Choi pen is used, the DHI technique is also known as pen hair transplantation, and the follicles taken from the donor area are placed in this special pen and then transplanted into the balding area.
The pens used in the DHI technique open channels for transplantation and are used to transplant the follicles at the same time, in this way the procedure for each transplant is completed as a single step, rather than two, and all this reflects the success of the application.

The pens used in DHI technology offer special advantages to this technology, and the salient features of these pens are as follows:

With pens, it is possible to transplant more densely, and 45-55 bulbs can be transplanted in an area of ​​1 square centimeter with FUE technique, while 80-90 bulbs can be transplanted in the same area in DHI.

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